Sneak peek at our first box ever!

We are so excited to share the products in our first box! First, a weekly desk planner and vintage wire clip from Happy Supplies in Hong Kong. This planner can sit upright on your desk or be folded up like a traditional planner for on the go. Keep random slips of paper from falling out of your planner with the gold wire clip. Next, a 4 pack of gold-tipped newspaper pencils from Fox and Wit. Mary Nguyen lovingly rolls each one by hand in her Houston, Texas studio. And finally the marble "little notes, big ideas" notebook from VBS Goodies!! We love all things marble at P+P and couldn't pass up these adorable notebooks hand bound by a father/daughter team in Slovenia! We couldn't be more proud of the unique products we've pulled together for our first box. These four items just tickle our fancy. ;) We hope you love them too! Get your subscription soon and don't miss out on our next great finds!!!